Sunday, October 30, 2011


You've probably noticed that I put up 3 or 4 posts at a time. My problem is I can't get my computer to 'publish post'. It will save it as a draft then I have to go to a separate computer to post it. Any hints?

Scariest movie I've ever seen!! BEWARE!

I HATE Halloween. Always have.
I hate scary things. I hate creepy things. I don't like the unexpected.... and all of these things tortured me the other day in a movie. And even worse, I took my grandchildren to see this movie.
Now you're probably thinking, "If you took your grandchildren, it must not be too scary." But you have to understand. It was misrepresented. I would have NEVER subjected these little darlings to anything so vile, so icky, so sick and wrong if I had known!!
It was at the library. YES! Can you believe it? A public place. We went for their special short movie presentation. I knew it would be a Halloween movie, but who knew they could be so vicious as to play such a horrible flick.

AHHHH! Just looking at the picture makes me shudder. Now, you may look at this picture and think, "Yeah. Barney can be scary if you don't like dinosaurs." But I don't mind Barney. And they actually didn't show that movie. But Thomas.... Ewwwww! Ick. Blehhhhhh! I've told all of my children that their kids are never allowed to bring any Thomas paraphernalia to my home. EVER! No movie, no toys, no music, nothing with that deplorable creature attached to it.
I'm sure you can't figure out m hatred toward the supposedly likable train, but hear me out. I've worked in special education my whole life. Literally since I was 16 I have had my foot in the special education world in one way or another. And nothing in all those years has given me the hee-bee-jee-bees like Thomas the Tank Engine does.
Kids who love Thomas are obsessed. And I mean that. He must be the devil as obsessed as children get into his cult. Must have every movie, must have clothing and shoes with his picture on them, must hold a train in their hands all day, all night until the imprint of the train is embedded in their little hands!!! Ahhh!! See. I'm scaring myself.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our new friend(s)

Isn't she a little angel? We will call her N on our blog, but none of us will ever forget her name. It's very original, but perfect for her. She has Down Syndrome, a heart condition - which is the reason for the oxygen - and a G-tube (feeding tube directly in her stomach). She is a great baby! And we all love her! I'm sure you'll see her in more of our pics as I blog. Someone is always holding her - I hope her parents don't mind that she's getting spoiled!!?
And we found out recently that Colby and Kierra are expecting their second little girl near the end of March!!! Whoo-hoo! Grandparents of 4! 1 boy, 3 girls... I'm thinking Mac loves to have all his brothers/boys cousins with him so that's why we're only getting girls right now. I can't blame him!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun!

A few months ago I was face booked by one of the girls I grew up with. She was getting the old gang together, and, as proof in the picture, we got most of us together for lunch the other day.
front row l-r - Sheila, Sydney, Becky
middle row l-r - Jamie, Cindy, Kathy
back row l-r - Janet, me!
One of our friends (Lisa) unfortunately passed away a few months before this outing, but we all agreed she was there enjoying the day with us. Angela couldn't come because she's fighting cancer (didn't want to be out in public with low platelets!!), Shelli had a family wedding, and Diane couldn't get a flight. But that's us. The 18th ward young women.
Oh, the memories. Sherry Knight; a teacher that we were merciless to. We found every and any way to make fun of her. From the way she wrote 'For Natalie" on the top of EVERY handout she gave me, to how the song 'Stroke Me, Stroke Me' reminded her of her college days.... you know! Because she was on the rowing team, of course. And especially because she told us, with a very heavy heart and tears a-flowin' that she would probably need to be released because she committed a sin. She had gotten her dog fixed, and unbeknownst to her the dog was pregnant so she gave her dog an abortion. Yup. The woman was quite the sinner! And then there were the sleepovers. We had many, many, many sleepovers. Mostly at Lisa's house because she was the only child left at home, where we all had younger brothers and sisters. We were young and dumb, that's all I have to say!
We are now planning another get together, but this time inviting some of the young men we grew up with in the ward. Good people. Good memories. Good times!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Check it out!!

It's been a while. OK. Far too long! I found when I got behind I wanted to catch up; put pics up, tell about our summer... But then I would be overwhelmed and know I didn't have the time to do all that. So, I'm just starting fresh and if I have a few extra minutes, I will share some past events.
The newest happening in our home - Mike is no longer Bishop of our ward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes! I am happy. And the pictures on Alex's weekly calendar below will help explain why;
Here is a typical week for a Bishop's family. Sunday, church. Monday - Friday I babysit (picture of kids), Mike goes to work (motorcycle), and Alex has school (bus). Then you'll notice the picture of a suit on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening as well as Saturday morning. Those represent times Mike had something churchy to do. Yes, all 4 days. Now some weeks weren't this busy, but it was more often than not most nights and some time on Saturday.
Now, this is our week this week! Same start; church on Sunday. I still babysit kids Monday - Friday, Mike has work Monday - Friday, Alex only has school Monday - Wednesday this week, and we are going out to a restaurant on Tuesday night, but suits!!! We get Mike all to ourselves in the evening. Oh, the plans that have been made and put off... no more!
Now, I'm not complaining. Please don't get me wrong. It WAS NOT a horrible thing for Mike to be Bishop. Even when he was gone a lot, we knew why he was gone and knew that was where he should be. We always were comforted as well as taken care of while he was gone. There is a season for everything, and that was our season to share Mike with the ward members and support him while he tended to their needs. But we do like having him home more! No hiding that fact!!
Now, I promise to keep up on blogging. OK, Lou and Tij.... your turn!!