Monday, January 21, 2013

The last wrestling match of the year for Alex....

...and he's a super star!  During practice the day before the match channel 13 came and interviewed us and taped Alex during that practice, then the night of the match there was channels 2, 4 and 13 all there for Alex!  The funny thing is this all started with me emailing channel 5 to nominate the team and coach for their High 5 Award - and all the other channels responded, but we didn't hear anything from channel 5!  Here are the 3 videos from those stations, as well as one of their teasers.  I was so glad they presented this story as much about the team as they did Alex.  The team and coaches deserve such great kudos for how they accepated and treat Alex! 
Alex had a big crowd of fans for his last match;  teachers, teachers, teachers!  For a kid who never likes going to school he sure had a lot of his teachers there for fans.  Brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and even cousins!!!  I'm sure glad Alex knows he has such a great support system.  He deserves all the love this little man can take, and I know everyone that showed up was there because they love him.  And that's not counting the ones who couldn't make it to this match!  We probably could have filled the gym with just Team Alex.  Thank you to all for your support!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Not Cool....


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another wrestling match! Another win!

Tonight was a match against West Jordan - where a lot of his cousins have attended or are attending so Alex had a whole bunch of people there just for him.
I apologize it's not the whole match, again.  I borrowed Colby's video camera and I had a tough time getting used to it and I recorded a bunch of short clips instead of the whole match.  And now the blog is constipated when I try to download more than one of the clips. 
A few things to know;  first of all this was not his best match.  In one of the videos you hear me telling my sister in law that this morning Alex's sugars were 21;  if you know anything about diabetes he shouldn't have been able to function tonight, let alone wrestle.  So you can tell he doesn't have a lot of energy, and personally it was hard to watch.  But he insisted he was going to wrestle tonight, and wrestle he did!  In fact, his coach saw me and one of his teachers helping him out to the car after his seizure this morning (he has mild ones with such low sugars) and Alex looked him straight on and said, "I'll be there to the game tonight!"  Coach just smiled and said, "I'm sure you will be buddy.  Just take care of business first!"
And notice the arm gesture Alex does at the beginning of the match.  He just made that up tonight and now the rest of the team has adopted it.  If they win, they raise their arms up into an X.  They are great guys!  That's them chanting his name a few times in the video.  I asked Alex where he got that gesture or what it means, but he couldn't tell me. 
Alex has another match next week - his last official meet. I will try to take better video next week and post it as well.  You will see a big difference in his strength.  Hopefully!  His sugars have been so bizarre I can't promise anything!! (During and the week after Christmas break Al's sugars were averaging 450 no matter how much insulin I gave him and these past few days I can't get his sugars above 50 no matter how much sugar or carbs I give him.)
I want to thank my family for all their support!  We have had so many people able to come watch some meets this season, and I hope the coaches will be willing to allow him to be on the team again next year.
Go Team Alex!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

What to name this post... ???

This post is probably one of the greatest posts ever!  But I don't have a clue what to call it.

Why Alex is so Fun to Have Around
Alex Keeps Us Young, Yet Ages Us
Reason # 79 Why we Were Late to Church
Are You Kidding Me?
Best Toy We Ever Bought
Interesting, huh?  And you could add an explanation point or two (or more) to each one of those and it would be appropriate. 

Where shall I start?

Let's start with Are You Kidding Me?  Oh, let's do Why Alex is so Fun to Have Around to this one as well. 
Alex LOVES music.  I don't know if it's a genetic thing, or because we always have music playing around here, but the kid loves to sing and dance.  His choir teacher would beg to differ, since he's only heard him sing a few times in class.  But...   well, I'll let you see which title should be on these videos.  It's the same song, but my phone only videos for 30 seconds and this is just too good to not have more than one video on here.
See?  Oh, the drama of a stupid title. It shouldn't be so hard.  And this is just the beginning.  These next 2 videos will determine if you can understand a different language or not, because even though I know what song he was singing, I wouldn't be able to cipher it.  (Any guesses?  Anyone?  I wish I had a prize to offer.  This could be fun to see what everyone thinks! And to give you a hint, these videos are of 2 different songs.)
While we are on the music theme, let's try Best Toy We Ever Bought.  I say that a lot because he's always doing something that makes me happy, just like a favorite toy.  And since we adopted him... well, hence the title.  This was taken when Alex and I were driving around one night, so the video isn't real good because it's dark and I'm just holding the phone up to video him, but not watching because I'm driving.
We are down to the final 2 videos. 
Why Alex is so Fun to Have Around
Alex Keeps Us Young, Yet Ages Us
Reason # 79 Why we Were Late to Church
Are You Kidding Me?
Best Toy We Ever Bought
Mmmm.  I think all of those post titles would be appropriate...
Last Sunday, Alex and I were all ready for church except the last minute things - eat a snack, brush our teeth... - but when I came into the kitchen I couldn't find Alex.  He was no where to be found.  When he responded to me calling him, I could tell he was still in the kitchen, but where? As I walked over toward the table, I found him hanging out the edge of the bench. 
 Like Winnie the Pooh! 
 Him and I tried for 20 minutes, pushing and pulling, and he was getting red marks on his body from trying to manipulate his body out.  He couldn't go forward because his butt wouldn't fit through the opening, and I don't know how he ever got his head and shoulders through, because they were not going back through the same hole.  George was already at church meetings....what to do...? 
Call mommy and daddy!  Yup.  I pulled the parent card.  I went up the street and grabbed my dad to come take apart the bench so we could get him out.  My mom came just for kicks and giggles. I think her exact words were "I HAVE to see this!"
 This young man definitely ages me while keeping me young, makes me happy, laugh, cry and exasperated all in the same moment!
But there is also no doubt in my mind that he is so much fun to have around!
Oh, Al!  You are the best toy we ever bought!