Monday, August 3, 2015


I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka LDS or Mormon).  I have the opportunity to work with the young women of our unit (called a ward) from ages 12 - 18.  And no matter how hard my calling is, I love the girls I work with and the other leaders!!  A-maz-ing!!!!

This past week we got to have a Youth Conference with the young men in our ward.  This is basically a family reunion with the youth and leaders in our ward and each year we get to choose a different activity.  This year we went to Temple Square and attended some classes and tours that were absolutely wonderful.  The best part about it was the spirit that you feel so deeply while on these sacred grounds.  There is a feeling of peace, tranquility, love and joy that just permeates the area.

I will write more later with more details, but I had to share these pictures for Alex's birth family to enjoy - since we got a kick out of it!

One of the things we got to do was work in the Genealogical Library.  It was fascinating!!!  I thought they would sit us in front of a computer and say, "Ok.  Figure out who your great-grandpa was!"


Not that knowing who my relatives are is bad, but I always figured the work would be boring.  Far from it!  First they had the kids type in their name and take a selfie on an ipad.  Then they were able to connect the ipad to different areas where we were able to get so much information about our genealogy that it was just incredible.

For instance -

Now remember, this is Alex's genealogical history according to the Maughan family name.  How incredible is this?!?  And this is already IN the system.  We just had to access it.  

Another spot Alex enjoyed the most made it possible to add a picture of your face to an image depicting the different countries.  He thought this was hilarious because he would pull some weird faces and it would attach them to the image.  I picked my favorites to show as an example.
This is Alex as a man from Switzerland.  

And here he is as a Native American.

Handsome dude, huh?

So - Daddy Ernie and Mommy Dana - I REALLY want specific names and dates of your parents and grandparents with their birth date and death date!!!!  Please!?!?  It would be fascinating and I think it would be something important Alex should know.

Enjoy the pics and I will add more info and pics later about the whole Youth Conference.