Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Introducing.... 'A'! Colby and Kierra are proud parents of their second daughter born yesterday. She was 7 lbs. 13 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. She looks almost identical to her beautiful, big sister with a ton of black hair and dark complexion.

...she has freakin' big feet!!! Mo did, too and she grew into them. We are so glad she is here and both her and mom are doing great!...

... and this is Daddy Ernie; Alex's birth dad. Him and his family are in town for the week! They are taking Alex with them to all their fun adventures and we have been able to spend a bit of time with them as well. Alex gave them a bit of a scare with his sugars the other day, but he is LOVING spending time with Daddy Ernie. In this picture is another one of Ernie's sons, Nathaniel. He is 6 years old and him and Alex get along great. Alex loves being a big brother!! Others in Ernie's family that aren't in the picture are his wife, Ashley; 15 year old Collin; 7 year old Sierra and 2 year old Shyla. Hopefully I will get more pictures of their time here and I will add them to the blog.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've mentioned in previous posts some of the funny things the girls have said or done lately. (Like the other day when Mo said, "Thanks, Old Lady!" in reference to me.) But this next instance is all Teacher Corrine's fault and we give her full blame and want her to know she is on our list!!

Teacher Corrine is a bundle of energy who has taught me a lot and continues to teach me, Mo and Oak something every week at class. But why this, Corrine? Why?!?

Class starts with a circle time and we greet every child with a "Hello" song. That's where trouble begins. Now that's all we hear from Oak. Seriously, that's all we hear;

"Hello Morgan. Hello Morgan. Hello Morgan. We're-glad-you're-Morgan-today! HEY!!"

That's not the real song, but it's close and it's Oak's version. I put dashes in the last line because it's all kind of one word slurred together when she sings it. It's cute the first 500 times it's sung, but now? Not so cute!!!

"Hello Babe. Hello Babe. Hello Babe. We're-glad-you're-Morgan-today. HEY!" Yes, it's the same last line most of the time. Like when she sings...

On the way to B's school; "Hello choo-choo train. Hello choo-choo train..."

The phone rings; "Hello Papa. Hello Papa..."

She's watching Mickey Mouse; "Hello Goofy. Hello Goofy..."

She goes potty; "Good-bye poop. Good-bye poop. Good-bye poop. I'm glad you're flushed today! HEY!!" (I had to let you know the ending of that song. Wouldn't want to leave you hangin' with such a deep topic...)

So, Corrine, we love you! We are so glad you are our teacher. We can't wait for Tuesdays to come, but WE HATE THIS SONG!!!

A side note to Corrine... this song is right there on the yuck list with Pokey Bear. That's how sick of it we are!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Daddy Ernie and family will be here in a week!!! Sooooo excited!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What a BABY!

I have always been a bawl baby. Always.
I remember one time Mike and I had sat down together to watch a movie, and when it was over he locked up the house while I got ready for bed. I always turn the TV on just for noise whenever I'm in our bedroom. Don't know why. Just one of the weird things I do.
So Mike is locking up. It's about 9:50. I remember the time because whatever movie was on TV was ending. By the time Mike is done checking (and re-checking - private joke) the house I'm sitting on the bed, pj's in my lap bawling like a baby! When he asked me what had happened on the show, I didn't even know. I just knew it was sad.
I have even cried at commercials before. It's terrible.
So last night, Mike took the young men on their winter camp out. Alex and I had a date night; a little Cafe Rio, a good family movie. What's not to love, right? Well, I don't love the movie Dolphin Tale at all!! Don't get me wrong. It's a great movie. But I cried my little eyes out. Beginning to end...cry, cry, cry. It never stopped. And not just tears. Oh, no! I did the whole gasping-and-sucking-in-of-breath-until-you-can't-breathe-out kind of cry. The kind of cry that takes your whole body and racks it with sobs. Stupid, stupid, stupid! It wasn't that sad of a movie.
So now I'm typing this through swollen eyes with a stuffy nose wishing I could just cuddle up in a blanket and do nothing.
Stupid dolphin movie.