Thursday, June 25, 2015

So THIS happened

I know.  I know.  It's been a while.  After a while it seems overwhelming because I have so much I want to put on here, so I'm just gonna do a quick update with pictures.

Yup.  THIS happened!
Grand baby #8 (granddaughter #5) arrived safe and sound!  We will call her D.  She is a very alert little stinker who is starting to smile and thinking really hard about laughing.  She is as beautiful as all the others, and has her aunt's Marty Feldman eyes.

 I can't believe THIS happened...

N's dad gave Mike and I his frequent travel points and we went to Florida!!  I went there with Cali after she graduated and fell in love with the beach there and have always wanted to take Mike.  He is a beach fanatic!!  And I knew he would love this one!

I found a few creatures while trekking around the beach.  The bluish, puffy things are air-filled sacs.  When we got back to the hotel I googled them to find out what they were and discovered they are Man of War Jellyfish - one of the top 10 poisonous to man!!  As you can see, I held them in my hands.  And since I'm typing this post WITH those same 2 hands, it's fair to say they weren't poisonous anymore.  But they are still REALLY cool!!

Of course we dined at Bubba Gumps!

This was Mike out about waist deep.  Now the funny part of this story is the whole reason I wanted to take him to Florida is because there were no waves at the beach.  Just aqua-blue water and white sand as far as the eye can see.  We just happened to catch it while tropical storms were passing through.  Didn't matter, though.  We still had the best time ever!!

I couldn't resist a corny pic with THIS guy!

I cried when THIS happened!

This sweet, young lady with Al was a peer tutor in his class, and also belonged to the dance team for the school.  She noticed how amazing the boys in his class were at dancing to Wii Just Dance videos on YouTube, and suggested the boys teach the dance to the dance team, and then perform it at their end of year concert together.  AMAZING!  Yes, the boys rocked it!  And, yes, Al was the best!  (I might be a bit prejudiced...)  I didn't cry until the end of the dance when you could see how excited these boys were that they had accomplished such a feat, and the reaction of the audience blew me away.  It makes me teary just thinking of it.  They cheered so loud and did a standing ovation that lasted at least 3 minutes!

THIS sorta happened...

Prom 2015, Baby!!  A chilly, rainy pic in front of the yellow limo.

Stud muffins!

When I say this sorta happened, it's because we left early.  They held Prom this year up at the U of U football stadium's press box;  a long, skinny room.  The view was amazing, but the area was just too cramped and loud for Alex to enjoy.  He hasn't minded the loud music before at Prom, so I think it was mostly the small area.  So he hung out in the hallway, which is where I took this picture.

They had the area blocked off with this view, but I snuck in and took a great 50 yard line picture!

Both grateful and sad that THIS happened.
Alisa Johnson Linton Passed away after fighting melanoma for 8 years.  Her family lives across the street from us and even though Alisa had graduated from high school when we moved in, we still knew and loved her like the rest of the family.  Glad she's not in pain anymore, glad I have a testimony of where she is now, but sad for her family.

This was taken just a few weeks before she died.  It was at her youngest sister's wedding reception.  She wanted a picture with my dad because while she was a young woman he was the bishop of the ward.  

My neighbors whom I love like family.

Alisa's family; Ginger, husband Josh and the 3 boys.  They handled this day with honor and respect, and still amaze people with their generosity and kindness to others in need.

While driving to the cemetery - first of all, Ginger was allowed in the hearse and had her head sticking out the window, which I thought was VERY appropriate since Alisa loved her - the whole elementary school student body stood respectfully in front of the school as the procession went by. 

So sweet. So tender.  Yes, I bawled like a baby!!

While I'm being morbid and talking death, Cali and I 'celebrated' "SUCK A DUCK, MY DAUGHTER DIED" day.  It's an official holiday;  see, it's on my calendar!

3 years ago Cali suffered an amniotic fluid embolism and survived.  Her story has touched hundreds of people and she is doing fantastic!  A little memory loss, but not enough to hinder her life.
First we went to the store to buy goodies for us and the ducks at the lake.

(CR, Al and O)

And then we went to the lake and fed the ducks on "SUCK A DUCK" day.  The day after this is when Quincy was taken to spare Cali's life, so we celebrate his birthday on that day.  He would be 3 years old!!  Wow.  
Obviously this isn't much of a celebration, but it's more of a chance to help Cali handle a difficult time.  And a time for me to thank my Father in Heaven for all the miracles in my life.

Cali and me

And CR knew Nanny needed a hug.  Isn't this picture just too cute?!?

So happy THIS happened!!
If you don't recognize this good-looking man that Al is hugging, this is his birth dad, Ernie.  They came into town for 5 days and we had a blast!!

We went to see snakes, lizards and alligators...

... had fun at Seven Peaks...

...enjoyed the sun and water at the lake by Cali's house...
...and one day when the boys went paint balling, us ladies got a pedicure!

This is Alex's youngest sister SH.  Whenever she was at our house she grabbed Gracie's collar and walked her all over the place!!  Both of them loved it!

The reason they were in town was because
THIS happened!!

Graduated (with honors!) with the class of 2015

Al really likes this pic because he looks taller than his teacher, Heather!  

So, so proud of Alex.  He is such a good kid and even when he's not, you can tell he's trying his darndest to be good!

THIS better happen again!!

Two of my cousins and I got together and drove to Fairview to put flowers on our grandma's and aunt's graves.  Meet Wendy and Kristen.  Growing up Wendy was one of my best friends;  I had a lot of sleepovers with her and spent a lot of time at her house.  Kristen is a few years older than us, but I always looked up to her.  She was the cousin that always had fun stuff for us all to do.  They are hilarious and we had a great time.  Next year we are hoping to at least double our number in cousins!

We never knew Aunt Joan.  She died as a little girl.  Grandma had a big bucket of boiling water on the floor to use for mopping and Joan fell into it.  

We had fun walking around and trying to guess which Vance or Mower we were actually related to.  And some of the headstones were so old!  And interesting.  So many children were buried there.  Some families had 5 or 6 children all lined up side by side as they were stillborn.  

Thanks Wendy and Kristen for a great time!!  And thanks to all my family who came before me.  Your sacrifices have not been dismissed!

THIS just happened the other day.  Al's first real crash on his bike.

We even took him to the ER for this injury because he complained a lot about it and had a hard time moving it.  But it was just a deep bruise.

And obviously not much of an "emergency".

THIS happened in early summer.  I know it's a random pic (I think Al was trying to get a pic of SH walking Gracie) but I have to show off how beautiful my flower bed is in spring!!  It makes me happy!  Unfortunately the snaps die off once it gets too hot and now it looks like I'm trying to grow dried flowers.  Not pretty.

THIS happened 31 years ago this June 30!!
I got to be sealed for time AND all eternity to my best friend EVER!  He loves me.  He gets me.  He likes me.  And he even puts up with all my crap!  Even if it embarrasses him.  

31 years is a long time - but it's not long enough!

(elevator in Florida)

 (second shot in elevator)
 On our way to the Florida beach for the first time.

(hotel room)

(airplane coming home from Florida)

Thanks for being mine, George!!!