Saturday, October 5, 2013

October is a GREAT month!

I love Fall!  Love, LoVe, LOVE!!  It's crisp, cool, beautiful.  This week has been a bit too cool for me, I would rather move into it a bit more slowly, but it still has been a great Fall beginning.  But that's not why I think October is a great month.... and NO!  It definitely has NOTHING to do with Halloween!  (Not a fan!)  It has to do with 2 very important events that occur during October that have made me the person I am today.
October is National Down Syndrome Awareness month!  Happy month!!  Where would I be without Alex?  First of all I think I would be a more selfish person.  I would definitely still be working full time, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that me quitting work has been the best thing for my whole family, not just for Alex.  And I'm not just saying the other kids had an easy time of finding daycare.  No. Or that my house is a pristine palace.  Definitely not!!  I really feel that taking care of Alex, quitting my job, being more aware of the needs around me that I was a better mom than I would have been if he hadn't come into our lives.  Has it been easy?  NO - did you read one of the last posts?  But it has so definitely been worth it! 
On Facebook I posted an announcement that October was DS awareness month and to "hug everyone you see because that's what a person with DS would do."  My funniest - and most truthful comment came from Taylor.  She said, "I'm thinking I'll try to wrestle everyone I know, and hit on people I've never seen before."  Definitely a better description of our Al!

The other reason I love October is because our church has a semi-annual General Conference where our leaders speak to us and we hear beautiful music that is as inspired as the talks.  This morning's session - WOW!!!  Inspiring, electrifying, satisfying, calming...  I can't say enough!  And as I listened to the words our prophets and apostles spoke  (yes!  Living prophets and apostles spoke to us!) I was so very impressed with the happiness all the speakers exuded.  But how could they not be happy?  OK.  Maybe speaking to millions of people would make one nervous, but they still are so happy.  And that's because they are sharing the Lord's gospel.  The same gospel that Christ himself taught and was such a great example of, was restored by a young man of 14 years of age, and is still here on earth.  This church is led by Christ himself, hence the name The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!  The prophets and apostles teach us, just as they did so long ago, but it is through inspiration so everything they say is truly what Christ wants us to hear.  Please.  Please!  Follow this link and listen to or read their words.  It will make you happy!

So.  Happy October!!  Hug someone.  Wrestle someone.  And listen to the Prophet's voice.  What a great month!