Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas is done. 2012 is about to end...

I haven't blogged lately because I keep telling myself to wait until I can put pictures on the blog.  But I will wait no more!  So here's a little about what has happened the last few weeks;

The last day of school for Alex was on his birthday!  I told him the whole school was celebrating his birthday by having a fun, party day.  After school he went to wrestling, where those burly, macho men sang him "Happy Birthday!"  (They're the best!)  Then the fam partied!!  First...dinner out.  Alex's favorite thing to do - eat out!  We went to an A&W / KFC because Alex has decided they have the best fries.  Then on our way to play laser tag!!  He loves that game and is actually pretty good.  I love following him and letting him tell me to "Stay back." or "Wait for it..."  We also gave Alex a pre-paid card for the games they have there and he thought that was incredible.  I rode a little kids' ride with the grand kids, Cali and Alex and made a complete fool of myself.  They even made me ride it a second time so they could video tape it.  The kid running the ride was clapping he was so entertained.  Let's just say I let everyone there know I was on the ride with my screams.  Maybe Colby or Josh will let me put one of their videos on here.  Ummm.  Maybe not!

Alex and the grand kids and I made some fun projects for Christmas gifts.  It's always fun to make a mess!  I'm all for messes - but that's another subject.

Christmas Eve was a beautiful evening and Christmas day was quite and enjoyable.  Colby's family ate dinner with us on Christmas Eve then we went to GG's and Papa GG's to get their Christmas Eve gifts (PJ's!!)  Later that evening Cali's family and TJ's family came to spend the night.   They LOVE watching Alex's reaction to Christmas morning (one of the benefits to having a perpetual child in the home) but I'm afraid our times they stay over are coming to an end since they have their own children to enjoy.  After they left, I snuck in a nap while Mike fussed around the house.  (He's a fusser!)  Then Colby's family stopped by so we could give them their gifts. 

I have to admit, my Christmas was a little disappointing.  Don't get me was a beautiful day and I got spoiled.  But you know how the best part of Christmas is when you find that one surprise that you can't wait for someone to open up and gush over?  I actually had 2 this year that I couldn't wait for everyone to see.  And they both ended up being duds! 

The first one was a drinking fountain tap attachment.  (Pinterest!)  You attach it to any faucet and it flows like a regular faucet unless you pinch it.  Then the water comes up like a drinking fountain;  BOMB!  I bought one for each of my bathrooms, thinking how much fun the kids would love to get themselves a drink and one for each of the kids' families.  Christmas Eve I was attaching them to our bathroom faucets...well, I tried.  They wouldn't stay on!!!  It was like they were too big or something.  Cali's bathroom has 2 sinks in it and the fountain fits on the right sink, but not the left.  What?  The other kids haven't said if theirs fits / works, which probably means NOT! 

My second surprise was some Fanta Red Cream Soda for Mike.  He loves Fanta Red Cream Soda but they don't make it anymore.  I found a website that lets you find those long-lost loves in the soda world if they are to be found.  I found some!  In Canada!  It was Fanta.  It was Cream Soda (and the person who put them on the site said it tasted just like the old red cream) but it was just cream soda.  Bummer!  Good thing Mike likes cream soda, but I spent money on shipping and handling that I wouldn't have if I had just gone to Wal-mart and bought him some cream soda.  Wait.  I wouldn't have bought any i the first place because that's not what he wanted. 

Oh, well.  It was worth a try.

Yesterday we had my dad's family Christmas party.  Good times, good people and good food!  I sat with my cousins - something we never do but I think will become a cousin tradition.  It seems you get together with your extended family, but still sit together with the people you came with and see everyday!  Not this time.   We were smart and picked a table off to the side and just chatted.  It was so nice!  (And can I get a shout out to my all time favorite stalker - HEY!)  So, next reunion, next party, next outing...girl's table!!!

So only 3 more days of all of us having time off.  Only 3 more days until we are back in the same old groove.  3 more days to spend being with the 2 greatest men in my life!!! 

Happy 2013 to all!  May all our wishes come true!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some Movies for your Enjoyment!

I video taped Alex's most recent match;  it was a different meet all the way around.  There were 5 schools at this invitational and Alex watched and cheered on his team as they went through all of them.  He was truly disappointed when he didn't get to wrestle.  That is until the last match.  One of the coaches told Alex that if he helped out during a match, that he would make sure and get him someone to wrestle.  That's all you needed to tell him!  He worked his butt of!  One of the boys who is injured has become one of Alex's new best friends and Al follows him around like a little puppy dog.  But he told Alex what to do, and Alex did it. 

The last match.  Alex had been waiting since 3:30 and it was now 7:30.  He was anxious, tired, excited.  Then something terrible happened;  a kid on the opposing team got hurt.  An ambulance was called and Alex got really nervous!  He wanted to help the injured player.  He wanted to hug him. 

They moved the match to another mat since all the other teams were done with their last matches.  Other mats were rolled up.  The injured player didn't have to be taken to the hospital and ended up sitting on the sidelines (If that's what the side is called at a wrestling match...?)  Alex went over and asked him if he was OK, then skipped back to our team saying, "Yup.  He's OK!" 

Alex had been told that he would wrestle after Keegan - the last one on our team.  Alex waited.  And waited.  And waited.  It was now getting close to 9:00.

 Keegan is up!  Alex warms up with one of the coach's sons....

Once Keegan's match is done Al steps onto the mat while the 2 teams meet in the middle to shake hands.  The meet is done.  The ref takes off his whistle, the other team starts packing up their gear.  And Alex just stands there dejected.

But wait!  From the crowd you hear, "No.  There's one more match!"  "Wait.  There's one more." 

Someone from the other team undresses again and the coaches convince someone to ref (since the ref for that mat was clearly annoyed that he would have to do another match.  Yeah, buddy.  Like it would have taken you all night!  Sorry.  I don't mean to sound bitter, but the guy was downright rude!)

And then there is Alex's match...  sorry for the poor quality.  I used my phone to video tape and it only lasts 30 seconds, so you have a few videos to watch...

I'm glad you can hear what is on the videos.  When I downloaded it to the computer you couldn't hear anything, but on the blog you can!  Yeah!!

Everyone is cheering.  Telling him what moves to make.  It's total chaos that just sends chills up and down your spine to see all these tired young men cheer and yell as loud as they can for Alex.

And then there's this...
The kid he runs to at the end of the match is the coach's son who helped him warm up. 

Alex truly is a winner!  He's a part of a team that involves and cares about him.  Way to go Beetdiggers!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Al's first official wrestling match

Alex had his first official wrestling match against another school the other day.  Actually, he was able to wrestle against 2 different schools.  The first one (who shall remain nameless) was over and done with in 15 seconds.  I really don't even think it lasted that long, but it took the time keepers a few seconds to register their brains to stop the clock.  If I hadn't had my camera on sports mode, I wouldn't have any pictures, but as it is I do have a few.
The handshake...

...Al gets a hold of the opponent...

...the opponent picks Al up...

...and he's down...

...and out! 
The poor kid didn't know what hit him.  It probably took you longer to read this and scroll through the pics than it did for the match to last. 
He cried.  Like a little girl.  I don't know if it's because he was upset, or scared. 
But then a hero from Bear River High came to the rescue.  A young man asked if he could wrestle Alex, and that he would let him win.  I told him,  "I don't care if Alex loses, in fact, I hope he does sometimes, but let him take a breath!"  About 10 minutes later, a mom holding a baby with Down Syndrome came up to introduce herself (and the baby) and said that her older son was on Bear River's team and was so excited to see Alex there;  yes.  It's the same kid who asked if he could wrestle Alex.
So they put on their 'colors' and shake hands...

...and the kid gave Alex a good fight!!


This is a new move...
...I think it will be called 'The Alex'!

Finally!  They went the full 3 rounds and Alex got him in position...
...and pinned him!

And here is the winning salute...
...that lasted longer than the ref did!

Al wanted a picture of his paper.  The O is his and the X is his opponents and X means he was pinned by O.  Alex was SOOO proud!  And so was I.  Not only of Alex for trying so hard, but of this young man who let Alex work up a sweat and try, try, try, and then finally win. 
What I REALLY liked, was the coach from the green team, the team who whooped Al's butt...walked up to the Bear River kid and said, "That was the greatest thing I've ever seen!"
He had another match last night, but I didn't get pictures because my camera's battery died, but we had another hero, this time from Copper Hills High.  The Copper Hills kid wrestled an opponent, a hard, long match, then turned around and wrestled Alex right after.  And while he was wrestling, he kept giving Alex hints; "Turn me this way."  "Put your hands on my back."  "Almost there.  Keep trying!"
There really are Prince Charmings out there!  Thanks to those parents (and coaches) who have taught these young men that there is more to life than winning!! 
Oh, and one little side note;  Al got a singlet to wear for his match with Copper Hills.  He is very proud of it, and I will HAVE to get a picture at the next match.  But let's just say Al has a great physique!  His J-Lo is very well defined in his uniform!  He may not get a state title, but he will definitely win The Booty of the Year award!!!