Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Next big step

Now that Al is 18 he needed to get a picture ID.  It was so weird walking into the DMV with him!  Seeing all these other teens there to get their license - he felt like he was just where he needed to be.  I didn't tell  him the difference between their cards! And he has been told he can't get his license until he's as tall as his brothers.  (Not gonna happen!)

There was hardly a wait at all!  (We went to the Draper location instead of West Valley.  Will definitely go there from now on!)  He sat, I took his picture, they called his number.  Awesome!  But I still had to post a picture of him looking bored in the DMV waiting room.  It wouldn't be complete without it!

This gentleman treated Al with respect an adult deserves.  (Even when Al whined because he only got a temporary card!)

He didn't need his eyes tested for the ID card, but he checked it out anyway.

And here he is!  The proud owner of his first picture ID card!!  


Colin and Ranie said...

Oh no, that makes him officially an adult!

Michelle said...

Oh how I miss him!